Shops, Inns, and Taverns


Corvain Emporium: An antique shop with goods of dubious origin. Run by a shady kenku who claims to be a powerful wizard.

The Gilded Imp: A shop specializing in rings, both mundane and magical. Owned by a man named Gustaf Prust.

The Happy Ox: A roving merchant cart that sells a bit of everything. Its owner, ironically, is rarely happy.

Tinkerhouse on the Corner: An alchemy and artifice shop; operated by Thony Ironmonger, a one-legged halfling.


The Northern Griffin: One of the nicest inns in the Merchant Quarter; current residence of the party.

The Open Door: Hostel, soup kitchen, and temple to Solomial, the Noble Drifter; located in the Low Quarter


The Floating Keg Taproom: Popular sailor drinking spot; favorite bar of Allard, a local info broker

The Windmill: Popular tavern in the Low Quarter; seedy reputation

Sites and Venues

Vineyard Block: A conjoined property featuring two former businesses, Lashalart’s Gowns and Grimoires, and The Broken Stein Tavern. Now owned by the party.

The Goblin’s Goblet: Rumored HQ of the Back Alley Bashers, the city Thieves Guild.

Shops, Inns, and Taverns

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