Planes of Existence

The Astral Sea

Home of the gods, angels, devils, and other immortal beings. The Astral Sea resembles a vast ocean of black-indigo water with points of whiteish-blue light that frothes and churns in colors of gold and silver. Its sky is perpetually in a state of twilight, with breathtaking vistas of red, pink, orange, and purple.

Astral domains float through this sea, some inhabited by gods, others not so much. As one approaches these domains, the weather, sky, and water change in accordance.

The Elemental Storm

A churning maelstrom of wild elemental power, the Elemental Storm is a realm of raw physicality and change. Fire, water, earth, air, and all other elemental manifestations crash, collide, merge, and separate in new and unpredictable ways. Beings of sufficient power can temporarily calm this storm, creating pockets of stability within it.

This is the realm of primordials, genies, titans, and other creatures of elemental power.

The Feywild

The home of the wild, chaotic, and capricious fey, the Feywild resembles something from a fairy tale. The Feywild mirrors the natural world, but vastly augments both its beauty and ugliness. Magic flows here like water, and even non-sentient creatures can possess magical abilities.

The Feywild functions on different rules than the natural world. Here, contract, tradition, and decorum matter far more than laws or even sanity. Eladrin, pixies, hags, and centaurs call this plane home.

The Shadowfell

The realm of shadow, gloom, and the dead, the Shadowfell is a dreary world where light struggles against darkness. Days are gray and overcast, while nights are overwhelming in their blackness. Gloom and apathy pervade everyday life, and residents of the Shadowfell must find ways of staving off the constant threat of ennui.

Although not necessarily evil, the Shadowfell contains more than its fair share of such forces. Darklings, nightwalkers, and uncounted legions of the undead walk the lands of the Shadowfell.

When mortals die, their souls first pass into the Shadowfell, where they gather at Letherna, the Fortress at the End of All Things. There they are judged by the Raven Queen and sent to their final destination.

The Abyss

The realm of demons, the Abyss is considered to be the malevolent reflection of all creation. It is a world of overwhelming evil and chaos, where awesomely powerful Demon Lords carve out petty fiefdoms amidst an ever shifting landscape and ceaseless warfare.

The Abyss is divided into layers, regions controlled by powerful Demon Lords. These layers are ostensibly numbered, but because layers shift all the time and new Lords come and go, this numbering is essentially useless.

It is thought that the Abyss is infinite in its size, and vaguely sentient. Demons are born directly from its substance, physical embodiments of hatred, evil, and chaos.

The Outside

Beyond the boundaries of the space, the limits of time, and the concepts of matter, order, and sanity, there is thought to exist another realm, one outside the Astral Sea and the Abyss.

What such a world might look like, one can only guess. Those few who have dared to glimpse upon the tiny windows where this world bleeds into our own are Invariably rendered insane, though they sometimes ramble off vague hints: a world of squirming nothing, of seas of roiling mist and writhing matter, of forms and things which drift and dream of impossible laws made real, of gods that never were and must never be again.

It is a world of nameless horrors, of corruption absolute, and madness everlasting.

Planes of Existence

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