Flora and Fauna


Bloodthorn: Carnivorous, blood-drinking vines; dangerous

Crystal Rose: Sweet-smelling, but poisonous blue rose

Dragonbloom: Reddish-orange flower; ground up and added to food for spice

Frostberry: Staple of northern wines and meads; slightly bitter flavor


Bearver: Large aquatic rodent that combines elements of bears and beavers. Dangerous if provoked.

Bunyip: Large, carnivorous seal-like creatures with fins and teeth like sharks. Apex aquatic predator.

Hammerclaw Crab: Large crabs capable of breaking rocks; use their large right claw to create soundblasts to stun their prey.

Knuckle Carp: Large, bony fish; poor eating, but favorite for scrimshaw

Mountain Gnarr: Goat-like creatures, roughly the size of a donkey. Excellent pack animals.

Peryton: Aerial predator with the head of a stag and the body of an eagle. Very dangerous.

Smilodon: Large, sabre-toothed cat; apex predator.

Yeti: White-furred humanoids with twisted horns and gorilla-like faces. Omnivorous, dangerous. Prone to howling.

Flora and Fauna

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