Adventures in Winterhaven; Pt 2

The Invisible Hand of Fate

After helping Baron Casseran Tabert deliver his wife to safety, our heroes were hired by the baron to help the city deal with its Thieves Guild problem, namely to discretely investigate the Back Alley Bashers and find out where their headquarters, the Goblin’s Goblet, is located. They consulted with Allard, a retired guardsman with connections to the Bashers, who told them that they should seek out a tavern called The Windmill in the Low Quarter if they’re looking for the Goblet.

However, other forces seemed interested in our heroes, as the party caught a gang of street toughs spying on them. After some intimidation, the thugs revealed that they had been hired by someone named Gustaf Prust. Meanwhile, Fyodor was told of a name, or word, that had a large amount of influence in certain circles: Cataclysmia.

With more questions than answers, the party divided their attention between researching at the Vaydalis Institute, the city’s museum and library, and Vineyard Block, the party’s newly acquired property. Within the hall of records, they found a file stating that Prust is the owner of a local business called The Gilded Imp, as well as a cryptic word written on one of his files- Cataclysmia.

Meanwhile, Fyodor and Tethrys discovered a secret underground room beneath Vineyard Block. With the rest of the party in tow, they descended into the earth and discovered an abandoned office and laboratory, as well a prison cell with a man chained up within. After freeing him, the group combed the lab and discovered it belonged to a woman named Wilhelmina Redblade, also known as Whisper, who seemed interested in researching an event called The Long Night.

The party was caught off guard when the prisoner revealed himself to be a moronic vampire named Vuldersmythe. After bashing him into submission, he revealed that he had been captured by Redblade who thought he might know something about The Long Night. Afterwards the party slew the vampire.


After talking with the bartender at the Floating Keg, Fyodor was given the name of a influential figure, or force, within certain social circles- Cataclysmia. This name was also written on a file on Gustaf Prust in the hall of records.
After communing with The Raven Queen, Kieran learned that ominous events are beginning to unfold and that he and his companions are to play an important role in the times to come. As a chilling darkness, born of “the endless void and a hunger which will never die”, engulfs the world, they are to serve as the champions of “what will happen, what must happen.”
Despite being in a magical field that prevents people from spying on his activities, Lucca couldn’t help but get the sense that he was being watched….
Shanequia undertook a ritual called the Azure Dreaming, which sent her into the divine realm of Dythadin, god of knowledge and wealth. There she made a new in Mortimor Underoot, a mole wizard, and found a book talking about her sword, Angelbreaker. The details of the sword apparently exist within a book called the Malaficarum Xarxes, and that the blade “drinks deep from the well of many years”. Later on, she discovered what this meant, when her sword’s powerful magic began to hurt Coually, trapped inside.

While under the Azure Dreaming, Shanequia encountered a curious tiefling who seemed to know her from somewhere. Eventually he approached her and claimed that he owed her “for services rendered”, and gave her several items, particularly an unopened letter. He then warned her “the guy without a face…you can’t beat him,” before telling her she was free to return to his home at any time. Could he have been…a god?

Once more Shieldbane noticed a strange elf staring at him. When he went to go speak with him, he was distracted by a guard who was screaming about a fire. When Shieldbane looked back, the elf was gone.
The Long Night, an event which Tethrys is tangentially connected to, is apparently a bigger deal than he might have guessed, because Wilhelmina Redblade, aka Whsiper, apparently was interested in it to.
The Back Alley Bashers

The heroes still have many leads to follow up on regarding the thieves guild. They know that the satin bags the kidnappers had on them were from the Goblin’s Goblet, but they haven’t looked into the silver figurines within them.

According to Allard, people looking for the Goblin’s Goblet would do well to head to The Windmill, a Low Quarter tavern. There they should order a Drownin Hobgoblin, finish it, tap the glass, and ask “where’s the goblin in my goblet?” This assuming, or course, they don’t appear suspicious or too dangerous.

Gustaf Prust
A local businessman, Gustaf Prust seems to have taken an interest in the party. He apparently paid a trio of goons to shadow the party. He apparently has a jewelery store, The Gilded Imp, in the southern part of the High Quarter.

One of Prust’s files in the hall of records had the name Cataclysmia written in the margins.

The Long Night

The Broken Stein, part of the party’s new digs, was formerly owned by a woman named Wilhelmina Redblade, who apparently also had a hidden magic workshop beneath the property. Within the party found several books on unusual, taboo magical topics, a bunch of ritual components, and a chest with her journal, papers, the ingredients for a Sending ritual, and a rune-marked skull with emerald eyes in a box labeled “His”. Redblade’s journal, which names her as Whisper, details her investigation into The Long Night, and how she had a meeting with an imperial scrying master on the matter. This was right before she vanished 10 years ago.



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