The Nine Divines

Nine deities rule over the world of Alcerion, commonly referred to as the Nine Divines (or just the Nine). According to legend, the Nine are the descendants of a single, progenitor deity whose death spurred the creation of the world.

Once the Nine were quite active in the world, unafraid to display their power, intervene in important affairs, and take mortals as their Exarchs. But when their meddling in the War of the Burning Sky threatened to tear apart the entire world, the Nine erased much of their handiwork from the world in an apocalyptic event known as The Scouring.

Today, the gods are distant and quiet, rarely, if ever, demonstrating their power. Although they still make their presence known, they typically do so through subtle manipulation or guidance, rather than out right intervention.

Even in ancient days the gods have always remained fairly enigmatic- even their true names are not known to mortals, assuming they can be known at all. For practical and cultural reasons, however, most societies give names to the Divines, who seem ambivalent on the whole matter. When different societies mingle, they often refer to the Divines by their titles, rather than a local name.

Each Divine holds dominion over several broad aspects of creation. Because of the generality of these domains, reverence for any given deity can differ between nations, races, and even individuals. For example, civilized races usually view the Sogoth, the Chaos Bringer as a god of action and merriment. To more primal societies, he is known as Laughing Brother and seen as a god of change, song, and creative destruction. Orcs, however, emphasize the god’s most destructive and wild aspects, viewing him as a deity of reavers, marauders, and war.

Dythadin, the Hooded One
Eflyn, the Oaken Father
Kelmar, the Iron Master
The Raven Queen
Rylander, the Radiant Vanguard
Sogoth, the Chaos Bringer
Solomial, the Noble Drifter
Therion, the Silver Magus
Zeral, the Black Sovereign

The Nine Divines

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