List of NPCs

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

Strahd von Zarovich: Vampire lord of Barovia, bit Veraun and Lucca. Dead….again

Welcome to Weeping Briar

Sedwick and Phiona Draum: Weeping Briar’s local wizard and his demonologist wife

Sycoraxith, the Tyrant of Flesh: A fallen demon lord, possessed Eliza for a time. Destroyed

Eliza Draum: Infant who was orphaned after the Weeping Briar incident; now with her aunt

King of the Mountain

Alessa Mournhammer: Eliza’s aunt; artisan with connection to small figurines found on Thieves Guild operatives

Baulgraum aka Bob Grom; Local goblin guide to the Howling Peaks; ill tempered

Bittertooth: Adult white dragon from the Howling Peaks with a connection to the Old Man of the Snows; wounded, but alive

Old Man of the Snows: Mysterious fey spirit who appears to lost travelers; appears to be an aged Tytherion Evandor

Roland Highcraft: Favored nephew of the emperor of Nerath; saved by the party from Bittertooth

Into the Past

Tiera Everflame: Commander of the Cendraine military forces

Chesman: Tiera’s manservant; turned out to be a pennangalon in disguise

Dayereth: Second-in-commander of Aastigar’s forces. Killed at the Battle of Cendraine

Illyria: Evandor’s daemonfey consort; alive and has ascended to demon lord status

Great Old Basoon: Giant frog sage in Feywild; currently in a deep sleep but prophesied to awaken

Naggra and Nagimi: Green dragon twins; currently mentoring Veraun

The Summer Queen: One of the most powerful of all archfey; one-time patron to the party

Tytherion Evandor: Eladrin warlord who sought to establish his own city with the Celestial Tear. Thought dead, but appears to be the Old Man of the Snows

The Bastion of Loathesome Succor

Coually the Couatl: A friendly couatl trapped within Shanequia’s sword Angelbreaker

Adventures in Winterhaven

Thorim Mournhammer: Guard at Winterhaven’s North Gate

Dunwin and Maurice: A friendly darfellan ferryman in Winterhaven and his pet bunyip

Baron Cassran Tabart: Imperially appointed baron of Winterhaven; helped the party defeat a group of Thieves Guild kidnappers

Baroness Rossallia Tabart: Mentally ill wife of Cassran; believes her husband is a monster; currently being cared for by the priests in the House of the Nine

Josselyn Tabart: Only child of Cassran and Rossallia; inquisitive but refined

Chief Magistrate Hughes Milfort: Head elected official of Winterhaven

Magistrate James Picadilly: Nervous, bespectacled magistrate

Magistrate Wilson Briggs: Short tempered, ambitious magistrate

Allard: Supposed “man in the know”; regular at the Floating Keg taproom; party paid off his (large) tab

Thony Ironmonger: One-legged artificer, alchemist, and friend; began experimenting with some of Shieldbane’s components

Olena “Splitsides” Vitters: Rumored head of the Back Alley Bashers, the city Thieves Guild

List of NPCs

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