An ancient dragonborn empire, Arkhosia ruled a large portion of the civilized world centuries ago. There’s was an empire of martial valor and warrior-virtue, steeped in tradition and order, and protected by fierce dragon aristocrats.

But Arkhosia’s hunger for glory and riches could not be easily sated. Many races and civilizations fell before their legions, including the minotaurs, thri-kreen, and goliaths. Their expansionist policies were costly, forcing the dragonborn to launching ever more campaigns to pay for their previous. Until one day, when the Arkhosians encountered a rival that was not so easily defeated- the human empire of Bael Turath.

Despite heavy losses, the Arkhosians continued a relentless campaign against the Turathi, whose vast riches would fill the imperial coffers full-to-burst. But just when it seemed like dragonborn victory was near, the Turathi turned to darker forces to aid them in their struggle…thus spawning the tiefling race, and igniting what would become known as the War of the Burning Sky, which would last for over a thousand years.

In the end, Arkhosia was destroyed, laid low by the unbridled fury of the gods during The Scouring.


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