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Expedition to Castle Ravenloft
I am Strahd, I am the Land

A call is issued to would-be heroes on the farthest reaches of Nerathi territory: come to Barovia and free us from the evil which plagues us. Answering this summons, Kalleth and Falcor Bloodscale arrive in the village, only to discover it overrun by ravenous zombies. After defeating the evil priest responsible, the pair set out on a quest to rid the land of its tyrannical count, Strahd von Zarovich, a master vampire of frightful power.

Along the way the Bloodscales ally with Lucca, Bard, and Veraun in hopes of defeating Strahd and freeing themselves from his domain. After numerous struggles, a few betrayals, and no shortage of creepy occurrences and mortal peril, our heroes gathered the necessary resources to challenge Strahd in his castle.

There the vampire ancient revealed his true plan: to use the adventurers to rid himself of his many foes before turning them into the first of his new vampire army. After several encounters and close calls, our heroes were able to awaken the power of the mighty Sun Sword and plunge it into Strahd’s heart. Although the Lord of Barovia was no more, our heroes didn’t escape unscathed: both Lucca and Veraun fell victim to Strahd’s deadly Blood Drain attack and barely escape with their lives.

Welcome to Weeping Briar
An exorcism by any other name...

Looking to earn himself some extra coin, Lucca teamed up with a trio of fellow mercenaries before accepting an assignment from a local Nerathi constable: investigate the strange goings-on in the remote town of Weeping Briar.

There our heroes found the city covered in thick fog and filled with hungry gnolls and demons. Seeking refuge with the rest of the townsfolk in the local church, our heroes learned that the cause of the fog was the ghost of a recently dead wizard named Sedwick Draum. But when our heroes confronted the ghost within his manor, they learned that the real culprit was the demonic entity possessing Sedwick’s infant daughter, Eliza.

When the baby was purged of the evil which gripped her, the demon used her mother as a means of manifesting into the Material Plane. Sycoraxith, a fallen demon lord, proved a powerful foe, but ultimately our heroes prevailed and cleansed the city of his evil.

King of the Mountain
Wherein a baby finds a new home

Seeking a home for the now-orphaned Eliza, Lucca, Fyodor, and Pryzck traveled north to the barony of Winterhaven, reuniting with Veraun along the way. There they learned that a rampaging white dragon named Bittertooth had managed to capture a member of the imperial family, Roland Highcraft.

After delivering Eliza to her aunt, the heroes geared up and headed into the mountains, seeking Bittertooth’s lair. Along the way they discovered that the numerous barbarian tribes the dragon had traditionally fed on had all disappeared, and began to draw some kind of connection to Bittertooth, a mysterious apparition called the Old Man of the Snows, and a sliver of black ice.

Before our heroes could unravel more, the dragon attacked. After a difficult battle, our heroes managed to drive the beast off. Not wishing to let his weakened foe escape, Veraun attempted to open a dimension door with unusually specific coordinates: the dragon’s backside. But rather than teleporting onto the dragon, Lucca and Veraun were blasted into the Feywild…5,000 years in the past.

Into the Past: Pt 1
The Celestial Tear

Lucca and Veraun quickly found themselves embroiled in the civil war gripping the eladrin city of Cendraine. Allying with a Cendraine warpriest named Armand, the trio repelled an enemy strike force before returning to the city to celebrate an important Cendraine victory.

However the celebrations were cut short when our heroes followed a suspicious butler named Chesman to the Temple of Therion, where a powerful artifact known as the Celestial Tear was kept. There Chesman revealed himself to be an undead spy in the service to the megalomaniac Starlord Evandor. The party, however, didn’t have time to celebrate their victory over the vampire: immediately afterward Evandor launched a full scale invasion of the city.

Into the Past: Pt 2
The Battle for Cendraine

As the genocidal forces of Starlord Evandor raided the city, the party were forced into one of the city plazas. There they managed to rally the remaining forces of the city watch and lead them in a successful counter-attack.

Disguising themselves as Aastigar soldiers, the party bluffed their way past the enemy front lines in order to confront the leader of the attack- Evandor himself. However, after a protracted fight the party realized that the enemy they were facing was actually Dayereth, his second-in-command in disguise. After slaying him, the party gathered up their surviving forces and managed to route the enemy- only to realize that Evandor had used the assault as a distraction so that he could steal the Celestial Tear himself.

Into the Past: Pt 3
Through the Feywild

With the Cendraine forces decimated and morale depleted, the party was forced to set off on a journey to consult a powerful sage known as Great Old Basoon. Along the way the party encountered Illyria, Evandor’s consort, as well a mysterious mute child.

After assisting a handful of troubled fey, the party reached the shrine to Basoon, who revealed himself to be an immense frog with a tree growing from his back. Basoon revealed the location of Evandor’s floating citadel, as well as the means of reaching it. But the old frog also warned that the path the party was set on would only end in fire and darkness, before slipping into a deep sleep.

After dealing with a pair of green dragons, the players acquired a means of flight- a giant apple from the Reedra Tree.

Into the Past: Pt 4
Fall of the House of Evandor

With their ranks bolstered with some new companions equally interested in seeing Evandor’s machinations fail, the heroes were visited by the Summer Queen, a powerful fey monarch who granted them her boon, as well as a giant butterfly to transport them.

After braving Evandor’s trap and riddle filled labyrinth, our heroes arrived at the castle treasury, attended by a bizarre fey named Kick Me. After negotiating an alliance with him, Kick Me granted the players several useful items, including a mysterious glowing sword to Shanequia, and a bottle of pitch-black glass to Aelon, with the warning to only use it in an emergency.

Our heroes soon learned that Illyria was actually a daemonfey who had been encouraging Evandor in his militaristic ambitions. In the midst of the great battle, our heroes unleashed a strange entity of black sand from the bottle, obtained the Celestial Tear and crashed Evandor’s fortress into the side of a mountain, though the warlord and his consort escaped.

Before they could rejoice, though, the Tear began to glow- blasting all but Armand back to the present. There they quickly stumbled on a new mystery- 5,000 years later, Starlord Evandor is not only known by the people of Winterhaven, but celebrated as the Old Man of the Snows.

The Bastion of Loathesome Succor
OR you'd think it would be easy but it snot!

Seeking to return to civilization, but avoid blizzard conditions and roaming barbarians, our heroes traveled through a cave system within Mount Alban. Along the way they discovered the body of a dead explorer and a locket depicting his beloved, as well as mention of a previous unexplored shortcut to the base of the mountain.

Following their new directions, the party stumbled on a giant cavern with a pair of strange towers at its center. After exploring them, they discovered the structure had once housed a demon cult dedicated to their old enemy, Illyria. The cultists had sought to use the power of the Abyss to ward off a coming event known as the Long Night, but were transformed into wretched slimes for their trouble.

After killing the tormented cult-leader, the party was assaulted by a small army of demonic slimes. In order to save her companions, Shanequia drew her new shining sword- and discovered that it contained a trapped couatl (quickly named Coually). With the sword’s radiant power, Shanequia bought the party enough time to escape from the collapsing structure.

Emerging into the light of day, the heroes made good time reaching Winterhaven, only to find the city covered in an early blizzard. Worse, they were visited by an image of the Old Man of the Snows, who appeared in the form an aged Evandor who merely pointed back at the mountains they had just departed.

Adventures in Winterhaven: Pt 1
A Cry for Help

Our heroes arrived in Winterhaven and quickly became embroiled in local affairs. A recent crackdown on the Thieves Guild has caused shockwaves through the city: increased taxes, stretched resources, and, worst of all, an attempt on the baron’s life.
After doing some shopping, making new friends (including a darfellan ferryman and his pet bunyip, along with a one-legged artificer and a nervous magistrate) and getting a tip about a possible Thieves Guild contact, our heroes received a letter from the baroness Rossalia, pleading for their help.

Upon arrival at the baronial estate, the party met Josselyn Tabart, the baron’s daughter and learned that her mother had been stricken with a fragile mental state for several years. The baroness now believes her husband to be some sort of monster, or imposter, and fervently asked for the party’s aid. But not long after a band of clerics arrived at the estate, looking to escort the baroness to the House of the Nine for treatment. Some sharp eyes and wits helped the party see through the clerics disguise,and after a close battle the party defeated the imposters (with the help of Fyodor and the baron himself).

Interrogation (and subsequent execution) of the survivors revealed that they had been hired by the Thieves Guild. The only other clues on their persons were a set of small metal figurines with the maker’s mark of Alessa Mournhammer, and a leather pouch depicting a goblin swimming in a goblet. Now assisted with an official entourage, the party successfully delivered Lady Rossalia to the House of the Nine.


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