Welcome to Weeping Briar

An exorcism by any other name...

Looking to earn himself some extra coin, Lucca teamed up with a trio of fellow mercenaries before accepting an assignment from a local Nerathi constable: investigate the strange goings-on in the remote town of Weeping Briar.

There our heroes found the city covered in thick fog and filled with hungry gnolls and demons. Seeking refuge with the rest of the townsfolk in the local church, our heroes learned that the cause of the fog was the ghost of a recently dead wizard named Sedwick Draum. But when our heroes confronted the ghost within his manor, they learned that the real culprit was the demonic entity possessing Sedwick’s infant daughter, Eliza.

When the baby was purged of the evil which gripped her, the demon used her mother as a means of manifesting into the Material Plane. Sycoraxith, a fallen demon lord, proved a powerful foe, but ultimately our heroes prevailed and cleansed the city of his evil.



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