King of the Mountain

Wherein a baby finds a new home

Seeking a home for the now-orphaned Eliza, Lucca, Fyodor, and Pryzck traveled north to the barony of Winterhaven, reuniting with Veraun along the way. There they learned that a rampaging white dragon named Bittertooth had managed to capture a member of the imperial family, Roland Highcraft.

After delivering Eliza to her aunt, the heroes geared up and headed into the mountains, seeking Bittertooth’s lair. Along the way they discovered that the numerous barbarian tribes the dragon had traditionally fed on had all disappeared, and began to draw some kind of connection to Bittertooth, a mysterious apparition called the Old Man of the Snows, and a sliver of black ice.

Before our heroes could unravel more, the dragon attacked. After a difficult battle, our heroes managed to drive the beast off. Not wishing to let his weakened foe escape, Veraun attempted to open a dimension door with unusually specific coordinates: the dragon’s backside. But rather than teleporting onto the dragon, Lucca and Veraun were blasted into the Feywild…5,000 years in the past.



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