Into the Past: Pt 4

Fall of the House of Evandor

With their ranks bolstered with some new companions equally interested in seeing Evandor’s machinations fail, the heroes were visited by the Summer Queen, a powerful fey monarch who granted them her boon, as well as a giant butterfly to transport them.

After braving Evandor’s trap and riddle filled labyrinth, our heroes arrived at the castle treasury, attended by a bizarre fey named Kick Me. After negotiating an alliance with him, Kick Me granted the players several useful items, including a mysterious glowing sword to Shanequia, and a bottle of pitch-black glass to Aelon, with the warning to only use it in an emergency.

Our heroes soon learned that Illyria was actually a daemonfey who had been encouraging Evandor in his militaristic ambitions. In the midst of the great battle, our heroes unleashed a strange entity of black sand from the bottle, obtained the Celestial Tear and crashed Evandor’s fortress into the side of a mountain, though the warlord and his consort escaped.

Before they could rejoice, though, the Tear began to glow- blasting all but Armand back to the present. There they quickly stumbled on a new mystery- 5,000 years later, Starlord Evandor is not only known by the people of Winterhaven, but celebrated as the Old Man of the Snows.



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