Into the Past: Pt 3

Through the Feywild

With the Cendraine forces decimated and morale depleted, the party was forced to set off on a journey to consult a powerful sage known as Great Old Basoon. Along the way the party encountered Illyria, Evandor’s consort, as well a mysterious mute child.

After assisting a handful of troubled fey, the party reached the shrine to Basoon, who revealed himself to be an immense frog with a tree growing from his back. Basoon revealed the location of Evandor’s floating citadel, as well as the means of reaching it. But the old frog also warned that the path the party was set on would only end in fire and darkness, before slipping into a deep sleep.

After dealing with a pair of green dragons, the players acquired a means of flight- a giant apple from the Reedra Tree.



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