Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

I am Strahd, I am the Land

A call is issued to would-be heroes on the farthest reaches of Nerathi territory: come to Barovia and free us from the evil which plagues us. Answering this summons, Kalleth and Falcor Bloodscale arrive in the village, only to discover it overrun by ravenous zombies. After defeating the evil priest responsible, the pair set out on a quest to rid the land of its tyrannical count, Strahd von Zarovich, a master vampire of frightful power.

Along the way the Bloodscales ally with Lucca, Bard, and Veraun in hopes of defeating Strahd and freeing themselves from his domain. After numerous struggles, a few betrayals, and no shortage of creepy occurrences and mortal peril, our heroes gathered the necessary resources to challenge Strahd in his castle.

There the vampire ancient revealed his true plan: to use the adventurers to rid himself of his many foes before turning them into the first of his new vampire army. After several encounters and close calls, our heroes were able to awaken the power of the mighty Sun Sword and plunge it into Strahd’s heart. Although the Lord of Barovia was no more, our heroes didn’t escape unscathed: both Lucca and Veraun fell victim to Strahd’s deadly Blood Drain attack and barely escape with their lives.



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