Adventures in Winterhaven: Pt 1

A Cry for Help

Our heroes arrived in Winterhaven and quickly became embroiled in local affairs. A recent crackdown on the Thieves Guild has caused shockwaves through the city: increased taxes, stretched resources, and, worst of all, an attempt on the baron’s life.
After doing some shopping, making new friends (including a darfellan ferryman and his pet bunyip, along with a one-legged artificer and a nervous magistrate) and getting a tip about a possible Thieves Guild contact, our heroes received a letter from the baroness Rossalia, pleading for their help.

Upon arrival at the baronial estate, the party met Josselyn Tabart, the baron’s daughter and learned that her mother had been stricken with a fragile mental state for several years. The baroness now believes her husband to be some sort of monster, or imposter, and fervently asked for the party’s aid. But not long after a band of clerics arrived at the estate, looking to escort the baroness to the House of the Nine for treatment. Some sharp eyes and wits helped the party see through the clerics disguise,and after a close battle the party defeated the imposters (with the help of Fyodor and the baron himself).

Interrogation (and subsequent execution) of the survivors revealed that they had been hired by the Thieves Guild. The only other clues on their persons were a set of small metal figurines with the maker’s mark of Alessa Mournhammer, and a leather pouch depicting a goblin swimming in a goblet. Now assisted with an official entourage, the party successfully delivered Lady Rossalia to the House of the Nine.



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